#### The Rules For Members / Players ####

§ 1 Hacks & Glitches

We do not tolerate cheaters or glitchers in any kind.They will get banned and reported to EA 

§ 2 Racism & Respect 

We do not tolerate any kind of racism.Please respect the players in the clan and also ingame. 

§ 3 Spam 

We do not tolerate any kind of Spam (Forums, Homepage or Game)Senseless postings or chatspams are not allowed 

§ 4 Clanlanguage 

The official language of this clan is English 

§ 5 Clanname 

The official clanname is “[eVo]luTioN” 

§ 6 Clantag 

The official Clantag is “[eVo]” 

§ 7 Clanservers

Every Member will server admin rights to change maps or set the server. Admins and Co-Admins will have complete access.Members have the right to kick and ban players from teamspeak and gameserver. You have to warn players before kick. 

§ 8 Clanleader & Founder 

The official clanleader and clanfounder isM@jor King 

§ 9 Donations & Payment

You don’t need to donate or pay anything for this clan.Its free for everyone, if you want, talk to an admin.Donators will be announced here at forums. Donationswill help to lower the costs for our Server and Teamspeak.

§ 10 Forums 

Every member have to register with forums. It’s the most important place for members.There you find tactics, announcements, votings and wardetails. 

§ 11 Members 

Members have own place at forums.New members have to be voted. To join this clan you need a minimum of 6 average positive votes.All members have the same rights.The Members decide all stuff of the clan.Members have to wear the clantag infront of their names. 

§ 12 Communicating 

This clan use Teamspeak 3 to talk.http://www.goteamspeak.comThis clan use X-Fire to chat.http://www.xfire.com 

§ 13 Final Stipulation 

If you want to join this clan, you have to agree with this rules.Rules can be changed any time.

Changements have to be announced.


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