#1 X-Fire names by Paletta 10.09.2007 21:32


Here you find our Members during the xfire-names also sorting by there clan-status:


M@jor King (ClanLeader) evomajorking
Anders[SWE] (Co-ClanLeader) andyswee
Morpheus (Admin) snajper7
Vitamin (Admin) thevitamin

Chalanger (Memberscout) chalanger
Kimstah (Tactic-Creator) - no xfire yet -
Habbab (Tacic-Creator) - no xfire yet -
Scorpion (War-Orga) scorpion48
Paletta (ForumModerator) horsthansen



AdolGeisler (BF3) - no xfire yet -
Axis (BF42) axisbf1942
Catman (BF42) jojocatman
Cekoyna (BF3) smasher0
Czart (BF3 + BF42) czart71
Hâkan (BF42) fordsierra10
Kikdo (BF3) - no xfire yet -
Mammouth (BF3 + BF42) gospodindanish
misterTP® (BF42) mistertp
NoSe (BF42) noseshooter
Seife96 (BF3) - no xfire yet -
sinHHHans (BF42) sinhhhans
Volturi (BF42) crab07


info: this list will be update...dont have all members yet in the list. when you want to be on the list, just post your xfire-name here...ill do the rest ;)

#2 RE: X-Fire names by Paletta 01.05.2012 11:50


updated *1st May 2012*

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